Carlo Stefanucci – Vocals, Rhythm guitars | Federico Piermatti – Lead & Rhythm guitars | Dalila Pilotti – Bass | Alessandro Salari – Drums

Formed in 2010 in Foligno, True Lie started composing their own songs right away. Their sound is a metal with strong american sonority, between post-thrash, metalcore and groove, where much space is given to the melody. The lyrics are very thought-out and never dull.
After a period of intense work in the rehearsal studio and live performances between 2010 and 2011, True Lie released their first demo. In early 2012 the band recorded a new 3-track EP, latest expression of their musical talent, followed by a year full of gigs throughout Italy. 2013 is a year of intense work for the band, engaged in the writing of their first full length “At the first glare of a colder sky”.  In 2014 True Lie joins To React Records, and release their debut album.

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