RobbySick – Voice | DavideSick – Guitar | GoroSick – Guitar | FreSick – Bass | DiegoSick – Dj/Samples | ZoppySick – Drums

The “TERMINAL SICK” was founded in 2003. After years of hard work, in 2007 they recorded a promo “PSYCHICAL ANALYSIS” and signed a promotion and management contract with “ALKEMIST FANATIX EUROPE”. This exciting moment came to an end when the former singer left the band. But despite this hard blow, TK didn’t give up and embarked on researching a new front man. In the summer of 2008, the band found a new singer; the new line-up expressed itself in a strong and powerful nu-metalcore, with electronic influences. After a few months TK signed a License Agreement with the English label “COPRO RECORDS / CASKET MUSIC”.

As planned, TK went into the “REAL SOUND STUDIO” nearly Parma (IT) in February 2009 and, after recording for a month, they cranked out the mix of “DIAGNOSIS” that was immediately sent to the “SPECTRE STUDIO” (Seattle – WA) to be mastered by “TROY GLASSNER”, the disc was then to be distributed by “WARNER CHAPPEL MUSIC”. The album “DIAGNOSIS” officially came out in May 2010 and after a period of live promotion with great feedback, TK decided to add another guitar to the group to work at the second album and to be more aggressive on stage. In June 2010 TK also signed a booking contract with” EXTREME AGENCY”. At the end of October, TK have been touring in England, Scotland and Wales, promoted by “JOSE GRIFFIN” of “JMG AGENCY”.

On December 3rd 2010, their first album “DIAGNOSIS” was released under “ROADRUNNER RECORDS” in Benelux. During 2012 TK recorded the second album “NOTHING MORE” at “ZETA FACTORY STUDIO” site in Carpi (IT) with “DUALIZED” and “EDDY CAVAZZA” for “DYSFUNCTION PRODUCTION”. As for the first album, the mix of “NOTHING MORE” was mastered by “TROY GLASSNER” of “SPECTRE STUDIO” (Seattle – WA). After working in studio TK immediately signed a License Agreement with the Italian label “TO REACT RECORDS” sister of “INDELIRIUM RECORDS” and started a collaboration with the booking agency “SOLDIERS OF SOUND”. The album “NOTHING MORE” will come out officially in December 21, 2012. Stay tuned…it will be fun!

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