Vocals: Svafnir (2002-2012) Nemesis (2013) | Guitars: Triumphator (2003-2013) Warth (2007-2010) Mors (2012-2013) Tenebrion (2002-2003) | Keyboards: Ursus Arctos (2006-2013) | Bass: Stolas (2002-2013) | Drums: Jonny (2002-2013)

Draugr project born in a cold winter night of Anno Bastardi 2002 when the ashes of some black metal bands returned back to life to celebrate the pagan spirit that characterizes the band homeland: Abruzzo.

The first line up was composed by Svafnir – vocals, Stolas – bass, Jonny – drums, and Tenebrion – guitars and was oriented to an old-sytile and grim black metal inspired by Darkthrone, Immortal and Marduk. At that time the band had no name but after few months Triumphator from the band Disharmony joined the army as second guitar and finally the first line up was completed and the Draugr finally born.

As the name of the band suggests in the beginning there was a lot of inspiration from nordic culture, that gave birth to our musical genre ,so with this typical “Scandinavian” attitude during May 2003 Draugr released the first demo called “Spirits of the North” playing a primordial and fast black/thrash metal.

After the release of the demo Tenebrion left the band due to personal motivations, and followed a period of line-up instability because of a lack of motivation of the musicians that wanted to play with us, but we had enough material for a full length so we decided to record our first album “ Nocturna Pagan Supremecy” between February and May 2005 released by the german underground label Christhunt Productions.

During the years and an intense live activity we decided we want more for our sound and our new stuff so in 2007 Ursus Arctos joined the band on keyboards together with Warth on guitars to give more power and epic/folk tunes to the new compositions.

The result of this new alliance is a killer mixture of black-thrash-folk and epic metal called simply “Italic Hordish Metal”.
As the wolf characterizes the horde’s region, music is inspired by the pagan force and wilderness of nature, the remembrance of archaic traditions, old local legends and barbarism, united with a proud satisfaction to be descendant of ancient italic warriors like Samnites, Marsii, Vestinii and Marrucinii, and the “summa” of this Draugr’s new wave is the recording of the second full length album called : “De Ferro Italico” recorded during spring/summer 2010, In a first time self-produced in 500 copies and then reprinted, in 2012 by To React Records label.
After the recording session of De Ferro Italico Warth left the band and Mors took his place.

In November 2011 Augur Svafnir must leave for personal reasons the live performances of the band and, Nemesis, already guitarist and vocalist of Grimorium, replace him in all the shows of 2012;
2013 sees after 10 years, the departure from the band of Augur Svafnir and the definitive entrance of Nemesis as Draugr’s vocalist.

Live performances for Draugr have always been very important and the good success by the media of “De Ferro Italico” gave them the chance to play many concerts in Italy, Germany, France and Austria and in various festivals supporting many big metal bands as Immortal, Taake, Moonsorrow, Primordial and many more.

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