X-COC – Guitar | Suròn Caspàr – Vocals | Jairo Vasquez – Bass | Josè Carniceiro – Drums | Rùido – Sampler

AMASSADO is a project made by italian and brazilian musicians who share the passion for extreme music and Latin American culture. During their career all the components have experienced numerous live shows and published few full-lenght albums distributed worldwide.

The band takes grinding powerful riffs, massive drum beats and aggressive vocals (in portuguese) together to a mix of hardcore, metal, grind and industrial sounds, influenced by Cazares works and Cavalera’s attitude.

Their music brings to us visions of a warped parallel world made of horror and aggressions, where right and wrong are melted and not easy to be recognized and the rise is hard and relentless, trying to grab every aspect of its huge potential.
To compare the unreal and vicious fiction of AMASSADO with what the real world lays before us could be another way to learn how sometimes reality overtakes fiction.

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